Manor $10.00
Forest $20.00 or
Combo $25.00

Group Rates
(20 to 50 people advance purchase required)
Manor $8.00
Forest $16.00
Combo $20.00

( 50 people or more advance purchase required)
Manor $6.00
Forest $12.00
Combo $15.00

Visa, MasterCard and Discover Accepted

Food Service
Pizza, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Pretzels,
Chili Cheese Fries, Pop Corn,
Pop, Water, Chips, Gum, Candy
& More Available!!!

Hours of Operation
The Terrorfied Forest opens at dark (approx 8 p.m.) and stays open until midnight on
Friday and Saturday and 11 p.m. all other nights (that we are open.)

The Terrorified Forest
The tall pines whisper for you to "come, Join your departed ancestors", as you walk
among them. Should you choose to ignore them, they have been known to emerge from
a tree and make off with your soul. You will never know when or where they will appear,
but they will know where you are and strike at your most vulnerable moment.

Hillcrest Sanitarium
Over 100 years ago, there was only one embalming service for the Pinckney area...
Hillside Mortuary. It was not too long after Hillside opened that rumors of strange
happenings began to spread. Within a few months, the police were getting reports that
some grave sites, of those buried by Hillside, were always looking freshly dug even
though the people who rested there had been buried long ago. In addition, sightings of
dead loved ones were being filed with alarming frequency. The police started exhuming
some of the bodies, and it was revealed that the bodies had been mutilated.
Investigators then went to examine the mortuary. They found horrifying experiments had
taken place within the Mortuary, organs had been removed and used as decoration,
heads decapitated, and blood was used to paint the walls. In 1952, the mortuary was
closed for good. Many felt the ground where Hillside Mortuary stood was cursed and so
when it was closed, extra steps were taken to seal any sinister forces inside by barring
and chaining every exit. To many, Hillside Mortuary became a bad memory that needed
to be forgotten….until now.

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